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The function requirements and use methods of the learning remote control?
Time:2018-3-15 Read:
The chip scheme of the learning remote controller should be a mature scheme that has been widely applied in other areas (500 thousand or above). The learning mechanism should be based on the code type.
Simple operation easy to use, convenient to use, a learning success rate of more than 95%, after learning, the stored information is not lost when the power is off, can be repeated learning, repeatedly scrub; learning format requirements can be comprehensive, can at least learn infrared remote control signal more than 99.5% of the domestic TV machine.
The frequency range of learning is required for a wide range of 0KHz~65KHz, and the frequency error is required to be within + 1kHz.
The precision of the signal emission requirements after learning of the high, can achieve the original remote control effect.
Less power is required (for example, a pair of standard alkaline batteries can be used in normal conditions for a year).

In the process of learning or using, the remote control must not appear in the process of death or loss of code and so on.

Methods of use of learning function:
(the same red light is used for both the user's learning process and the fixed code hair code.) Press the "set" button on the upper left part of the remote controller for about 2 seconds. The red light is gradually brighten up from dark to bright, and long and bright indicate that the "set" button is loosened, so the remote controller is on standby.
10 seconds, press the key learning (only "TV" button in the "power", "AV/TV", "VOL+", "VOL-", the "menu", "mute" and "confirmation", "back", "F5", cross navigation keys etc.), select learning key (for example, the "power" button) after the red emitting light flashing indicator, is now receiving learning state signal.
The TV remote control that is to be studied is placed right and right in front of 2cm in front of the remote control (the two remote control launcher tubes are aligned, the launcher is at the front of the remote control). Hold the remote control "TV power" button for about 3 seconds to launch learning signal, if learning successful signal reception red emitting light flashes quickly after three and long bright instructions; then release the press of TV remote controller "power" button, the set-top box remote learning in the standby state.
Note: if the learning signal is not received successfully, the red light will not blink quickly, while the long light indicates that the red button should enter the learning state again, and repeat the operation second, third steps. Three. According to the second, third steps, then learning the other 12 keys (only "TV button" in the "power", "AV/TV", "VOL+", "VOL-", the "menu", "mute" and "confirmation", "back", "F5", cross navigation keys etc.), the completion of a total of 13 a button, click "Settings" button to exit the signal receiving learning state.
After learning, the TV press just learning alignment "power", "AV/TV", "VOL+", "VOL-", the "menu", "mute" and "confirmation", "back", "F5", the navigation key can be remote control TV, red emitting lights flashing indicator in the process of.
Note: in the state of receiving learning, if no learning signal can be received, it will quit learning state automatically after 10 seconds. After learning, the learning codes of all learning keys still exist.
Only 13 buttons that control the TV have learning functions. They can only select "power", "AV/TV", "VOL+", "VOL-", "menu", "mute", "confirm", "back", "F5", cross navigation key and so on.
13 learning keys can be used to learn the remote control signals of different brand TV sets for the last time.

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