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 The way to open the remote control is:1, button opening: mainly for some remote control battery box cover of the groove of the remote control of the remote control battery box, through the buckle grooves can be opened.2, pull ……【View Details
 The chip scheme of the learning remote controller should be a mature scheme that has been widely applied in other areas (500 thousand or above). The learning mechanism should be based on the code type.Simple operation easy to ……【View Details
 Some people say that the car image is purely for others, the image useless, there is some truth to this saying. To focus on the traffic of the driver especially those who just took the road of the novice, staring around the ro……【View Details
 The car DVD is installed in car audio and video entertainment providing multimedia playback system for passenger car, usually in addition to play DVD format video, audio and video files on DVD also supports VCD / MP3 / WMA / M……【View Details
 由于红外线遥控不具有像无线电遥控那样穿过障碍物去控制被控对象的能力,所以,在设计家用电器的红外线遥控器时,不必要像无线电遥控器那样,每套(发射器和接收器)要有不同的遥控频率或编码(否则,就会隔墙控制或干扰邻居的家用电器),所以同类产品的……【View Details
红外遥控 2017-7-12
 远程遥控技术又称为遥控技术,是指实现对被控目标的遥远控制,在工业控制、航空航天、家电领域应用广泛。红外遥控是一种无线、非接触控制技术,具有抗干扰能力强,信息传输可靠,功耗低,成本低,易实现等显著优点,被诸多电子设备特别是家用电器广泛采……【View Details
 无线电遥控器和红外遥控器的区别:无线电遥控器是利用无线电信号对远方的各种机构进行控制的遥控设备。红外遥控器是利用波长为0.76~1.5μm之间的近红外线来传送控制信号的遥控设备。 常用的红外遥控系统一般分发射和接收两个部分。 发……【View Details
 人们的物质文化生活水平日益提高,各种各样的家用电器走进了千家万户,其中,大多数的家用电器都有各自不同的遥控器,人们常常为了控制某台电器而到处寻找其对应的遥控器,这样,就给人们的生活带来了很多不便。为了解决这个问题,本文提出一个多功能遥……【View Details
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